My new group program is called Navigating Change.  You might have heard a bit about it and some of you have even gone through this group already.  I have to say that I’m blown away by the courage that is shown by the group participants each and every time that the group meets.  I help them to explore parts of themselves that they haven’t thought about in weeks, months or even years.  I’ve watched people grow and I’ve watched people cry.  I’ve watched people as they realize that their life doesn’t have to be like it is right now and then decided to make changes.  This program is powerful!

I know from first hand experience what this program can do.  I’ve been through it a couple of times myself and each time I lead the group, I am re-immersed in this work.  As my group participants are having aha moments, I have some as well.

When I went through this program the first time, I really didn’t give it enough attention.  I admit to skimming the surface, but I know that even though I didn’t dive deep into it I still came away with some very helpful insight into my life as it was then.  The first time I really went deep with it, was painful at times but also enlightening.  I had moments when I realized why I did some of the things that I did.  I made some connections between my body and what was happening in my life.  I also came away with several action steps that I wanted to take.  It was truly empowering to look within to uncover what I needed in that moment.

One of the few things that we can guarantee in life is that change is going to happen.  Sometimes it happens faster than we want.  Sometimes it can seem like it can take forever.  No matter whether change is happening fast or slow for you, time does move forward.  We go to sleep each night and wake up to a new day.  Change happens.

Going through life’s major changes can be even harder than that day to day change.  Maybe your kids are graduating high school and you are an empty nester now like me.  Maybe you’ve experienced a death or illness in the family.  Maybe you’ve moved or changed job or you know that’s going to happen soon.  Maybe you’ve just retired and you’re trying to figure out what to do with yourself now.  Regardless of what type of change you are experiencing, my new program is wonderful at helping you to figure out those life transitions, however tricky they might be.

The first couple of times that I went through this program, I was going through some of those life transitions.  It helped me to see what I really wanted and needed.  It helped me to bring out my own inner wisdom so that I could find my path forward with less stress.  It also helped me to see that change is normal and support for change is unbelievably helpful.

I’m very glad that I found this program and I’m so excited to be able to support others as they go through major life changes.  I’m honored every time one of my groups meets because I have the privilege of guiding them to make connections in their lives that can support them to have less stress and less anxiety.  We have enough thrown at us each and every day by society, family, work, etc.  Finding a way to handle these stressful changes can be the thing you need to help you get through it with more grace and ease.

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