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Mid-life transition

Who Am I Now?

A four-week program to help you explore your possibilities as an empty nester mom.

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Hello Awesome Mom!

Now that you’ve successfully launched your child into adulthood, you’re looking for a
new direction. I’m here to help women who value themselves and are confused about
life after kids and want more!

I support moms just like you in their mid-life transition from full-time mom to empty nester.

I will work with you to reinvent yourself with a renewed sense of purpose and to confidently start
the next amazing chapter of your life.
I help women who have the courage to finally do something for themselves.
If you are …

✓ Ready to create new dreams and goals.
✓ Ready to make a change in your life.
✓ Ready to take control of your life rather than letting life control you.

Is this your story?

As a mother, you’ve been there through it all. From that first magnificent birth cry to the quiet tears at
graduations and goodbyes, and everything in between.

Like many moms, you just never got around to making time to take care of you – physically, mentally or
emotionally. Maybe the lack of self-care shows up in your life now as weight gain, anxiety, depression or
marital issues. You were so busy taking care of the family that “self-indulgencies” like exercise, eating well and date nights were put on hold indefinitely.

Well, it’s mine too.

After my kids moved out, I started to realize that ‘mom’ had eclipsed ‘Becky.’ I had put my desires and goals
on a back-burner for so long, and I felt I didn’t know how to rekindle them. But that’s just what I did!
I reached out for support and, in time, through soul-searching, trial and error and, even a few tears, I
rediscovered ME. Becky finally made her way back! I learned that it was ok to put my needs at the top of
my list. Having support around me helped me to find myself and to create a life that works for me right

I can do that for you!

I can guide you and support you as you rediscover your passion and find a new sense of purpose in this mid-life transition.

It’s your time to thrive and grow!  It’s your time to be YOU! It’s your time to get excited about life again! 

Ready to get started?

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