This week I’ve been paying attention to some old memories. These are memories that aren’t helping me and I’m working on forgiving and letting go.  I’m finding it’s time to let go of some of those memories that are holding me back and keeping me from being a better version of me.  This is a process and I’ll be working on these memories for awhile.  The goal is for these memories to have less power over my current life.

As I think about these memories, I’m reminded that we have many layers to our memories. There are the ones that we easily recall. They might be good memories or memories that bring us sadness but they are on the surface. Then there are the memories that we try to bury or forget. Sometimes we do seem to forget them, but then something in life might bring the memory back to the surface.  These are the ones that continue to have a hold on us and affect how we live our lives. Usually it’s these deep memories that we resist bringing back or even deny.

These deep memories can change your daily behavior. Maybe they unknowingly formed a habit that you continue to this day.  Or maybe, they stop you from taking certain actions even though you don’t realize why.  They can also change how you feel. If you have a memory that is trying to come back, it will keep making itself known in some way until you deal with it. Often this ends up being an ache in the body or an action that you take. It will keep happening until you acknowledge it and begin the process of letting it go.

The letting go process often involves a bit of forgiveness. It might involve a discussion with someone else or even a different action.  For me this week, letting go took the form of writing down the memories/thoughts that weren’t serving me.  I had created patterns around these memories that I had just recently connected with my current life.  After writing them down, I forgave the situation/person.  Finally, I burned the list.  While I still have the memories in my mind and body, I don’t feel quite the same attachment to them.  Instead, I feel lighter and like I’ve moved forward with my life.

The mind/body connection is amazing to me. The mind and body will work together to let you know that something is not working right in your life. The key is to listen so that you can begin to work on the issue/problem/ memory.

So, this week, I’m fortunate to have uncovered a few memories that I am ready to let go. You see, just identifying them is the first step. After identifying them, I can begin to process them and figure out what I need to do to move forward in a healthier way. I always think that it’s better to know what I’m dealing with than to wonder why I have an unexplained body ache or daily habit that’s not helping me.

Uncovering the memory/thought that might be causing an issue can come in many forms.  I’ve often uncovered memories during a yoga practice.  I’ve definitely had the same type of ‘aha’ moments in a yoga therapy session (every session I’ve ever received has brought me a new ‘aha’ moment.)  This week’s ‘aha’ came from some self-inquiry that I’m doing.  No matter how you come to these memories that need to be processed, find a way to take care of yourself and let them go.  Old patterns and memories often are not helping us.  They can keep us stuck and prevent us from moving forward in our lives.

Take a moment to connect to your body.  Take a deep breath and notice what you’re feeling today.  Is your body trying to share a buried memory with you that it’s tired of keeping a secret?  Do you have body aches that just can’t be explained?  A memory or thought just might be ready to come to light.  Be ready to listen and you just might discover something about yourself.

If you’d like to set up a session to explore old memories/trauma/thoughts/patterns, then click the link below.


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