Life changes.  That’s something that is constant.  As time moves on, we can’t stop change from happening.  So, what do you do when that change happens?  Do you adjust quickly or take a long time to figure out the new “normal”?  We all change at a different pace and no pace is right or wrong.  However, how you adjust to a life change matters.

When I say life changes, what I’m talking about are things like a birth or a death, divorce or marriage, a job loss or perhaps a new job.  These are major events that happen in our lives.  Some of them you see coming, like when a child moves out of your house.  Some of them you don’t see in your future, like when your job is suddenly cut due to downsizing at the office.  Whether you saw this change coming or not, change still happens and you have to adjust.

I’m about to go through a major change myself.  This August, my youngest is moving out of the house for school.  I’ll have an empty nest most of the week.  He’ll still be close to home and will probably come home many weekends, but I’ll have a house without kids for the first time in many years.  This is one of those changes that you see coming.  I’ve known about it for months now.  I think that I’m prepared, but I know the first few days and maybe weeks will be a bit weird.  I’ll have to take over a few of his chores and I’ll miss the hugs and conversations.  I can’t stop this change, but I can adjust to it.

Going through a life change can be a bit easier when you have a plan in place to take care of yourself during the transition time.  For me, that plan involves yoga therapy.  I plan to pay attention to what’s happening in my body as I adjust to this new way of life.  I plan take a little time to practice yoga and really listen to what my body is telling me.  I’ll be having my own yoga therapy sessions and this will give me the chance to notice how I want this new way of life to develop.

Sometimes these changes are a little harder to navigate on our own.  Even with events (like a birth or marriage) that would seem like positive or happy events, change can be difficult. For some of us, we spend our days pushing that change away.  Sometimes even denying that it is happening.  Sadly, this isn’t really helping.  When in denial of change, the change still happens but we haven’t moved forward with our life.  We’re stuck and unable to grow or prosper.

I’ve worked with many people at just such a time.  Our sessions have produced insight into why the change is so hard to handle.  Clients have come to realize that they do have a path forward and that their own wisdom will help lead them.

I’ve said many times that listening to your body is important.  A time of major life change is a time when that is so very true.  When someone struggles with change, that struggle shows up in their body.  Often that struggle will be a pain in a joint or muscle.   Maybe it’s a constant ache in the back or neck.  Maybe its a stomach that never seems quite calm.  Wherever that struggle appears, there is a definite connection to your life and how you are dealing with it.  Trust your body.  It has so much to tell you.  Listen and learn.

Change will happen.  You can accept it or push it away.  You have a choice.  What will your choice be?  Will you accept change and find a path forward or will you hide and hope that life goes back to where it was?  (hint:  life almost never goes back to the way it was)

On August 12th, my life will change in a big way.  After the 12th, you’ll find me listening to my body and learning from it.  I’m sure there will be things that I didn’t think about in advance.  I’ll have new challenges and new frustrations to explore.  Yoga therapy will help bring me through this time.

If you’re experiencing a major life change and need support as you navigate your path, then schedule a session.  You can do so at the following link or email me at

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I would love to hear your comments about life changes.  Just comment below and let me know how you deal with change.

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