My Unbalanced Life

Balance can be called a state of equilibrium.  It’s a state of equality between 2 or more things, people, equations, etc.  This does not usually describe my life.  More often then not, I am unbalanced.  I’m either working too late or deciding not to work...
I like a schedule

I like a schedule

Ok, I admit it.  I like my life to have a schedule to it.  I know what to expect and I can make changes ahead of time if I need to do so.  A schedule gives me a sense of order and predictability.  When I have a schedule I can plan accordingly.  Last minute changes to...

Putting My Truth into Action

Earlier today, while looking through my files, I came across something I had written a couple of years ago.  It made me think a moment about putting my own truth into my actions.  Do I follow my truth as I go about my day?  Or do I just go along with others because...
My Reason for Stopping

My Reason for Stopping

I’m an introvert. This means that in order to regenerate, I need time to myself. I need time alone to build myself up so that I can go back out to the world and be a better yoga therapist and yoga teacher. I need time alone so that I have the energy to do the...

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