Major Life Transitions

Last week I talked about life being a series of transitions from one event to another.  I’m still thinking about transitions this week and those major life transitions in particular.  What is a major life transition?  These types of transitions can be all kinds...

Life Transitions…Big & Small

It seems to me that life is a series of transitions.  Some are big like your child graduating high school and then leaving for college.  Some are much smaller like when you’ve been on vacation and you have to transition back into your worker mindset.  Is one...

Slipping Back Into Old Habits

I’ve been on vacation for the past week & I’m noticing some things about myself.  I’ve seen myself slipping back into old habits again.  Some of them aren’t so bad, but some of them I would like to let go of permanently.  As I notice these...
Courage to Change

Courage to Change

I’ve just come back from a week of training.  I had the pleasure of helping guide yoga therapists-in-training on their journeys to becoming full professionals.  It was amazing to watch them as they developed their skills and learned new ways to approach...

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