Change Can Be Uncomfortable Sometimes

As I continue in this season of change, I’m noticing that lately I’m feeling a bit out of sorts at times.  I’ve been asking myself why that is.  Most of my recent changes have been ones that I’ve initiated.  I’ve wanted some of them for a...

Are You Ready for a Retreat?

Are you ready to take some time for yourself?  Is it time to reconnect to your thoughts?  Are you tired and stressed and need a break?  I know that when I start to answer yes to those questions, then it’s time to take myself on my own retreat.  When I’m...

The Joy of Sleep

As we head into the fall and I continue this transition back to my empty nest, I’ve been spending a little time noticing self-care in my life.  It’s so important for me to take care of myself in order for me to continue to serve others in my daily life. ...

A Little More Realigning in My Life

Recently, I led a 6 week group class to journey inward and discover what was important to us, listen to our inner wisdom and reconnect with who we want to be.  During this group, I was reminded that my actions weren’t quite matching up with my truth.  I realized...

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