Have you ever had a decision to make where you know what you need to do but your personality is trying to talk you into the opposite decision?  It’s fun when you’re having this argument with yourself and I’m having one of those moments right now.  There’s a decision that I need to make in the next few days.  How I decide could take me in two different directions.  Now, I have to figure out what will be the best for me.

How do you make difficult decisions?  Do you make the decision just by your gut instinct?  Or do you sit down and write down pros and cons for the decision?  Do you ask the opinions of others?  Do you rely on just yourself?  There are so many ways to approach a decision.  None of them are right or wrong.  I guess it depends on the situation and your personality as to what works best for you.

This morning as I took a few minutes to think about my path forward, I automatically went back to some of the training that I’ve done over the years.  I checked in with my body and noticed what I was feeling.  I thought about what my truth is right now and what it would look like to implement that truth.  I noticed my choices and thought about where they would lead me.  I can also picture where I want to be in the near future.  I just have to decide how to get there.

Going through this process was actually kind of comforting.  I knew that I had a way to clarify what my options were and what might be best for me in this moment.

We all have that internal guidance.  The key is to listen to that guidance.  So many of us have spent years, decades or even our whole lives ignoring our own inner wisdom.    However, when you do listen to it, you’re living in alignment with yourself.  When you’re in alignment, you’ll find that life is easier and you are able to accomplish what you want and need to do.  And, when you ignore that internal guidance, you are out of alignment.  That’s when things just don’t go so smoothly.  No matter how hard you try, road blocks will keep appearing in your life.

Pay attention while you’re making those decisions, but also pay attention afterwards as well.  Notice what the results of the decision are.  Is life flowing more smoothly or did you just run into a whole bunch of roadblocks?  What you can learn about yourself after the decision is just as important as what you connect to before the decision.

What do  you choose?  Do you listen to your internal guidance or do you choose to ignore it?  Which works better for you?

Although I have a few days to make my final decision, I know which way I’m leaning.  I think that I’ll spend the next few days continuing to check in with myself to see if I still feel as I do now.  Taking a few days to just sit with this decision is a good thing.  It lets me  practice awareness of my situation and my thoughts and feelings.  It also is going to keep me from making a rash decision based on instinct alone.  I admit to doing that sometimes and it doesn’t always turn out well.  So, I’ll practice my awareness skills and go forward from there.

If you’d like help learning to connect to your own internal wisdom, then set up a yoga therapy session with me.  I’ll help you begin to listen so that you can use that wisdom to guide your forward on your own path in life.


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