Have you ever had someone else try to change you?  Maybe it was a small habit that other person wanted you to change or maybe they thought that they could change your personality.  Chances are that it didn’t work.  This would be mostly because change has to come from within you and not from a force outside of you.  For a change to be lasting and meaningful, it must be something that you desire and actively pursue.

Often I have interactions with people who just want that quick pill to make everything better in their life.  I’m sorry to say that those pills really don’t exist.  There might be a pill that takes away a symptom such as pain or anxiety, but for the change to be lasting, you have to do something different in your life.

Figuring out what that something different is in your life is the first step towards change.  Beginning with awareness of yourself, your situation, and your current life, you can start to notice what is happening right now.  Only then can you move forward.  You must acknowledge current circumstances before the next step can be taken.

This acknowledgement must come from you.  If someone else is telling you that something is wrong in your life, then chances are you won’t hear what they have to say.  You have to admit that there is an issue before you can begin to change the issue.  Change starts within you and not outside of you.

I see this a lot in my life whether it’s in my practice or in my family.  Speaking from personal experience, I’ve tried to get someone to change a habit.  It just doesn’t work if they don’t want to make the change.  I’ve beaten my head against that wall one to many times.  Eventually, I’ve learned that the change needs to come from within first.  As I’ve said before, I can be a slow learner at times and I’ve been hit with this lesson enough that I can say it with confidence.  Lasting and meaningful change comes from within.

This is the type of change that I help women accomplish.  It’s empowering to know that you have this ability within you.  Your inner guidance is ready to help you make changes in your life.  You just have to be ready to listen to the messages coming from within.  If you’re not satisfied with your current life, if you know that you need to make a change, then start by looking inward for the change.

What does this look like?  Well, it will look a bit different for everyone, but it starts with your awareness of the present moment.  It’s your own awareness that matters in this instance and not that of the people around you.  If you ask those close to you what to do about something, then it might work for you.  Taking advice from other people can be a valuable way to decide your options.  However, it’ll be so much more effective if you use your own inner guidance to make the final decision around change in your life.

There are many reasons that we don’t listen to our own guidance.  One is that we’re usually out of practice.  We’re so disconnected from our own bodies and the knowledge that they hold around our lives, that we don’t know where to start.  Another reason is that we don’t trust our own guidance.  Maybe you tried to follow your own guidance once before & it didn’t work out as you wanted.  So, the next time  your inner guidance is talking, you don’t believe it.

With practice learning to listen to your own inner wisdom leads to the most lasting and meaningful change in our lives.  It will empower you to live a life that matches up with who you truly are.  Without listening inward, your change just isn’t going to stick.  You’ll be back to those old habits that just aren’t working for you anymore.  You just won’t know how to get out of those habits.

Lasting and meaningful change is amazing!  Every time that I work with someone, they are empowered to find their own lasting and meaningful change.  It’s always eye opening that it doesn’t have to be hard, but that it does have to start within you.

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