My stomach was a bit upset this morning.  Life had to go on anyway.  You know what it’s like when your body is trying to talk with you, but you’re too busy to listen.  I had one of those moments this morning.  Nothing major is going on.  I’m not really sick.  My body just wanted to chat and reconnect about what’s going on in my life.  So, it was just checking in with me in the only way it knew how.

This is what happens so often.  We have an experience or emotion that isn’t fully expressed and it can get buried under our daily life.  All of the actions that I’ve been taking over the past couple of months were being expressed in my body because I’ve not taken the time to fully process them.

My solution this morning was to take a few minutes and do that check in that my body was craving.  I placed my hands over my belly and closed my eyes.  I took a couple of deep breaths and sat there.  It didn’t take very long for a couple of emotions to bubble up to the surface.  It amounted to me being honest with what I was feeling rather than shoving those emotions back down to be ignored.

Those emotions that I had ignored weren’t really bad.  No emotion is bad. (Maybe that’s another topic to explore.)  Those emotions were a signal of what I’m feeling in relation to what I’m doing right now.  They were an expression that wasn’t really being expressed.  Thus, the belly aching a bit this morning.

I get busy like everyone else.  I tend to neglect myself  on a regular basis.  It’s times like this morning when I remember that I have to take care of myself if I want to get anything done in this life.  Part of taking care of myself is listening to my own inner wisdom.  It talks to me in so many ways and it gets louder the more that I ignore it.

So, what’s a busy mom, wife, yoga teacher, yoga therapist, mentor, entrepreneur, daughter to do?  I guess it’s about remembering that I need to check in with myself on a regular basis.  If I don’t wait until my body is complaining, then maybe my body won’t have to complain in order to be heard.  That would be a novelty in my life and I suspect it would be for many other people as well.

I struggle with life balance just like everyone else.

What does life balance look like for you?  Do you have time marked off each week to do something, no matter how small it seems, for yourself?  Do you take a few minutes each week to check in to see how life is affecting you & your body?  What would it be like if you did begin to take a little time each week for yourself to do that check in?

I imagine that you would be living more of your own personal truth if you took that time to check in.  I know that for me taking that time leads to me acting more congruent with my own truth.  When that happens, life flows with so much more ease and less stress.  It’s so much better, yet I still forget to do those check ins.  I’m just like everyone else.

Join me in committing, again, to yourself.  Take time each day, each week to check in with your body and the inner wisdom that we all have.  It doesn’t have to take a lot of time.  It can be just a couple of minutes, but those minutes can be so valuable in the overall direction and feel of your own life.

If you need help learning how to check in with your own inner wisdom, then schedule a private yoga therapy session.  I’ll help you begin the conversation.


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