To Not Accept a Situation is Painful

In a conversation last night, I witnessed the pain that is caused when someone believes that they are right and they cannot even begin to see that maybe there might be another path.  I witnessed the pain that is caused from not accepting a situation.  I also witnessed...

Changing Directions For a Few Days

I spend most of my time teaching people in yoga classes or working individually or in small yoga therapy groups.  I love what I do!  However, I’ve also spent some time over the last year as a mentor to new yoga therapists in training.    This is what I get to do...

Our Choices Make Us Who We Are

“We all make choices, but in the end our choices make us.” ― Ken Levine I’ve been thinking about choice this week.  Sometimes we may feel like we don’t have a choice, but usually we do.  It may be that you have 2 options and neither of them are really...

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