Goofing Off is Good for the Soul Sometimes

This week, I moved child number two and I’ve realized a couple of things in the past few days.  One of them is that taking your second child to college is easier than the first.  The second thing is that I still wasn’t quite recovered from the trip across...

Empty Nester… Again

The last 2 years, I’ve been more empty nester than not.  My youngest was in a unique situation where he spent the last 2 years of high school at a boarding school.  Even though he lived at school, he still came home once a month for a long weekend.  I’ve...

A Cross-Country Road Trip

I’m writing to you from Roswell, New Mexico.  This is my fifth day of driving & I have one more day on the road before I get to spend the night in one place for more than one night.  It’s been quite a trip! Why have I been on the road for so long? ...

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