Is It Time for a Mental or Emotional Checkup?

Taking care of your health is important for so many reasons.  When you’re healthy, you have more energy, you feel better, you can do the things that you love and you enjoy life even more.  However, your health is not just your physical health.  It’s also...

Do You Feel Guilty About Self-Care?

As moms with kids in the house, we spend a lot of our time focused on those kids.  When they are newborns and toddlers, this is an absolute requirement in order to keep them fed, warm, clean and safe.  As they begin to grow older, those requirements begin to shift but...

True Change Happens From the Inside

Have you ever said that you’re going to lose 10 pounds and then you can’t seem to make it happen?  Or, have you ever said that you wanted to stop a habit like watching so much TV yet the change just doesn’t show up in your life?  I get it.  Change...

Don’t Hold Back Your Authentic Self

Who am I?  This is something that I ask myself a lot.  It seems to change on the outside.  When my kids were at home, then I was a full-time mom, taxi driver, cook, maid and CEO of the house.  Now, I’m an author, business owner, yoga teacher & yoga...

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