When I’m in a transitional period of life, I can get inpatient.  I want to be on the other side of the change already.  Not in a few months, but now.  I want to get to the results but not experience all of the growth that it takes to get there.  Have you ever been that way?  You know that change is coming or already happening & you just wish you could fast forward to the final results.  That has been me in the past.

Now, I’ve learned to enjoy all the little shifts that happen as I morph and grow through a change.  I’ve learned to expect ups and downs on the path to change.  I’ve also learned that lasting change is usually a process that takes time.  It won’t be done overnight.

Have you ever tried to form a new habit?  Maybe you want to spend 20 minutes a day exercising.  You’ll find excuse after excuse to skip a day.  Your mind and body aren’t always eager to participate so they will throw up roadblocks to stop the new habit from forming.  This process of forming a new habit is you trying to make a change in your life.  You can’t get to the other side of a newly formed habit without those daily challenges that will try to stop you from forming that habit.  Rather, you have to confront each daily challenge and make the decision to do the new thing in order to make it a habit.  If exercise is your goal, then every day you have to make the decision that exercise is more important to you than the excuse that you will come up with.

Of course, sudden change does sometimes happen in your life.  You can get sick or have an accident that all of sudden changes your daily routine temporarily or even permanently.  Change that is thrust upon you is not what I’m talking about here.  I’m talking about change that you seek.

Women in transitional periods such as being an empty nester or recent retiree are often seeking change.  Their lives have altered and now they find that they need to change themselves as well.  When we enter a new period in our lives, it can be confusing to navigate.  We don’t know all of the new habits and rules of this new period.  We also don’t know who we want to be in this new period until we’ve spent some time going through change.

Like me, you can’t skip to the other side of changing yourself or your habits.  You have to experience each and every day during this transition.  There will be days when you get things to go as you like and days where nothing works out.  You have to experience both to figure out who you are in this new chapter of life.

What helps is having support as you go through a transitional period.  You don’t have to go through transitional periods alone.  In fact it’s usually easier on you if you have a community to keep you company as you discover yourself again in this next chapter.

I”m very excited to provide this community and support to women who are soon to be or already are empty nesters.  Maybe your kids moved out several years ago & you still haven’t quite figured out this next chapter?  Maybe you see it coming and you want to start this exploration ahead of time?  Either way, The Next Chapter can provide the support you need in order to reconnect to yourself and thrive again.  Like me you can’t skip to the other side of change, but you can get there with a little help.

We start the 2019 round of The Next Chapter in a week and there are a few spots left in this group.  So, if you’re interested in joining me on this 9 month journey, then sign up soon.  You’ll have to wait another year for this program to start again.





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