I came across a quote recently that got me to thinking about the communities that I live/work in each day.  That quote is “A single sharing of a deep trauma or loss with another can improve health.” – Dr. Wayne Jonas.  To me this refers to community ties.  I see these ties when I teach a class, go to church or visit my son at school.  The communities of which we are a part, have the power to help us heal.

When we gather and share our troubles and difficulties, then our load is just a little bit lighter.  I see this in my work as a yoga therapist in just about every session that I hold.  I also see this in the small groups that I run for 4-8 weeks or even for 9 months.  When these groups gather we hold space for each other to share.  Often this space provides a healing place to let go of the past or to figure out what steps to take in the near future.

Now, obviously not each community will be the same.  When the intention is to hold nonjudgemental space for each other to work through issues or just express our thoughts, then that space becomes a healing space and can improve you life in mental, emotional, physical or social ways.

This is the type of space I’m creating with The Next Chapter.  It’s a place for a small group of women to meet, listen to their own inner wisdom, share their life and grow into the type of woman they want to be as an empty nester.

After your kids have left the house, you might be feeling a bit lost, lonely or without direction.  You were really good at being a full-time mom, but you just don’t know how to be you in this post-kids life that you have right now.  Or, maybe you know that your kids are about to leave & you’d like to know your next path before that happens.  Either way, by sharing your struggles with others, you can begin to improve some aspect of your health.

By gathering this group of women together over the next 9 months, I’m able to provide support through this transitional period.  I’m able to help guide you and connect you to others who are experiencing similar things.

This group is small & will be starting soon.  So, if you’re local to Greenville and want to join, then don’t wait.  The group will start meeting in early February and continue to provide support for 9 months.  Click here for more information.

Click here to join The Next Chapter 

I’m always look forward to bringing people together in small groups.  It gives us all a chance to be heard and to learn from what other people have experienced.

If you’re not an empty nester and would still like the support of a small group experience to work on that which is holding you back check out Transform Your Trauma.  This small group meets for just 4 weeks and will focus on trauma in your life.  Trauma can come from many sources such as a health crisis, divorce, childhood trauma or loss.  No matter the source this 4 week group will help you start the healing process.

I’m looking forward to starting these new groups soon & I can’t wait to see you there!


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