There’s a lot of shifting happening in my life right now. That means change is happening. Sometimes it’s faster than I want & sometimes it’s slower than I want. That’s part of what makes it such a messy middle.

The messy middle is that place where you’ve started to take action but it hasn’t actually come to completion yet. It’s often a place of uncertainty and unease. There’s usually more action that needs to happen but either you’re not ready or it’s not time to take that action yet. This is also why it’s so messy.

In yoga therapy, we would call this messy middle an edge because of the uncertainty & unease that you encounter. An edge is anything in your life that is a place of tolerable discomfort. It might be physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual. An edge is a place that you can hang out & explore but it’s most likely not your favorite place to be.

This messy middle that I’m in right now is certainly an edge for me. It’s a place where I can’t quite move forward yet as I wait on other people to do some things. It’s a place of discomfort because of life changes that are happening. This edgy middle is not a place that I want to stay long term, yet I don’t have complete control over it either.

It’s also a place that we often hang out in before we get to the other side. You know a breakthrough is coming & you’ll get to the something better, but you’re just not there yet.

What’s helping me in this messy middle?

A lot of things are helping me to hang out in this edge while certain life events play out. Here are some of them.

1 – I do a lot of yoga therapy work on myself. Each day I check in with my body & ask it for any wisdom that it has to share with me. I get a lot of great support just from listening inward daily.

2- I received a yoga therapy session from a colleague last week. While it’s quite convenient to be able to listen inward whenever I want, it’s also super supportive to have someone else witness my process & help guide me. My colleague was able to be that extra layer of support that I needed at that time.

3-Friends & family have been very helpful. I have so many people checking in with me on a random basis. Just talking with someone else is enough to help when I’m feeling frustrated or down. I don’t need constant check-ins. I’m pretty self-sufficient most of the time, but those random check-ins are enough to boost my spirits.

4- Acceptance. This one is very important! When I accept what is happening right now, I’m able to make choices that are right for me. Non-acceptance is resistance and denial. Living with non-acceptance is painful and usually leads you down a wrong path.

5- Nature. I’m sitting outside in the sun as I write this. It’s a beautiful fall day. I hear the birds and feel the slight breeze. While I’m soaking up the sun, I’m also letting this connection to nature ground me. I’m still getting some work done and I can feel an ease in my body that I wouldn’t have sitting inside my house. I’m spending as much time outside right now as I can to encourage this feeling of grounding.

What do you need ?

My support system will look different from yours. We are different people after all. What works for me may not work as well for you. That’s okay!

Customizing a practice for you is one of my specialties. Whether I’m helping you to design a physical yoga practice based on your own injuries or limitations or whether I’m guiding your through a yoga therapy practice, my main goals is to customize it to your needs & goals. After all, for something to work, it has to be right for you. If you’re 5 feet 3 inches tall like I am & you try to wear the pants of someone who is 6 feet tall, then it’s not going to work out so well for you. The same thing can be applied to your support system. It has to be customized to your needs & goals or it just won’t support you.

Even if you’re not in a messy middle place right now, take a few moments to consider what is supportive for you. What would you need to get through the messy middle with more ease? Knowing yourself & your own needs in this way can only support you better in the future.

As always, I’m here & available to support you if you’re in the messy middle too. Whether you’re dealing with the shift that happens from your kids leaving home, a divorce, a job change or some other loss, you deserve to be supported. Schedule a chat to find out how I can be a part of your support system.

Love & Hugs,


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