Foot Yoga

Tired feet?  Achy feet?  I don’t want to even look at my feet!  Do any of these sound familiar to you?  I’ve heard all of these and more.  It seems like many of my students don’t even like their feet.   Foot Yoga will help you to begin to change how you look at and feel about your feet.

Practice Mindfulness

Take a moment and connect to your feet.  How do they feel right now?  Are they achy & sore?  Do you have plantar fasciitis and they just hurt?

Many of us walk around all day long with feet that don’t feel good.  Consequently, we ignore those little signals that tell us our feet need some TLC.  Similarly, I’m like you at times.  When I ignore those warning signs and forget to take care of my feet,  I’ve had my own issues with plantar fasciitis.  It was no fun!

What I know…

Because I’ve taught yoga for over 12 years, I’ve learned some great tips and tricks to help your feet feel better.  When my own plantar fasciitis acts up, I’ve even used them on myself.  I’ve given these simple exercises to countless people & they usually make a point to come back to me to say how much better their feet feel!

Most importantly, it only takes a few minutes each day to show your feet a little self-love.  When you take this time for yourself, you’ll find that you feel better overall as well.  Start with just noticing your feet and then choose one, two or all of the exercises and suggestions to try.  Notice how your feet feel after each one and then keep the ones that make your feet feel the best.

I know that you’re tired of having achy, sore feet.  They can feel better!  You just need to be consistent and show your feet a little extra love!

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