Are you ready to find the calm within you?

8 Weeks To Less Anxiety

Create a life with more balance and ease! 

How are you? 

How are you really doing with everything?  Navigating life right now isn’t always easy.

Let’s face it, anxiety is all over the place right now because there’s a lot going on in our world today!

A pandemic.

Economic uncertainty.

A near constant shift in our daily lives.

That’s enough to cause anxiety, but this list could go on and on.  

It all shows up in your body!

Anxiety can be triggered from any & all of these things & it WILL show up in your body in one way or another.

It might look like excessive worry, agitation or unrest.  Maybe you’re extra tired or irritable and can’t concentrate like you normally can.  

You don’t have to let it take over your life though.  You CAN create habits that combat the anxiety.  I can show you how! 

I’ve been there too!

This past year has been an up & down hill adventure.  Some wonderful things have happened but my life has also been completely turned upside down at other times.

Now, normally I’m not the super anxious type, but this past year has been so unusual that even I’ve been anxious at times.  I’ve felt the worry.  I’ve been unproductive & unable to concentrate.  There have also been extra naps over the past year because I’m simply more tired than normal.

Yep, I’ve been more anxious than ever!


I’ve been able to have less anxiety and find my center again!

The key to finding my center and balance again, always goes back to checking in with my own inner wisdom. 

With all that’s going on in the world, what do I really need in order to feel whole and healthy?  My mind doesn’t always know, but my body already does.

Over the last year, I’ve started my days by noticing what’s going on in my body & asking for any wisdom that I need to know for the day.  It’s these quick check-ins that help me to do the course corrections that will keep me balanced & centered.    It doesn’t take long & the benefits to this practice are enormous. 

Yes, I still find myself reacting to outside events, but I now know that I have the skills I need to make the supportive shifts that will keep me balanced & centered.  I don’t feel so blown about by other people & events and that is priceless to me!

thrive again
less anxiety

My clients get results like…

  • reducing anxiety & living life with more ease
  • deciding on a new career path
  • quitting an unfulfilling job to do something more meaningful
  • choosing between staying or leaving a marriage
  • starting a business
  • mentoring foster kids
  • listening to their bodies and the inner wisdom within
  • reclaiming self-love

I’ve attended several of Becky’s yoga classes, as well as an 8-week workshop. She always exceeds my expectations. Becky’s a truly great yoga therapist!

J. S.

8 Weeks to Less Anxiety

This program is designed with you in mind!  During these 8 weeks, my goal is to help you begin to reconnect to yourself  again.  It’s that connection to self that helps you to reduce your anxiety.  You’ll learn to recognize your body’s signals and uncover the steps to take that will help you to slow that anxiety down.

By the end of the 8 weeks, you’ll have created your own toolkit for reducing the anxiety in your life.

I believe that you’re tired of carrying your anxiety around all day long, and I know that it’s your time to let some of it go.

I also believe that this program has the power to make your life better, easier & more fun. 

Join me in finding the calm within again!


Only 10 Spots Available!  

We start March 21st.  Claim your spot now!

What you can expect…

  • You’ll create a deeper connection to self than ever before
  • You’ll gain confidence that you can create the shift needed to release the worry
  • You’ll get new tools and techniques that you can use to have less anxiety in your daily life
  • You’ll receive support & community from others who live with anxiety
  • By the end of this program you’ll have created a customized toolkit to combat the everyday anxiety that you face

Peek inside the course…

  • Week 1 – Befriending your body & Awareness
  • Week 2 – Acceptance
  • Week3 – Choice
  • Week 4 – Discernment
  • Week 5 – Silent Retreat
  • Week 6 – Truth
  • Week 7 – Truth-in-Action
  • Week 8 – Flow



Only 10 Spots Available!  

Invest in yourself!

8 Weeks to Less Anxiety


We start March 21st.  Claim your spot now!

Becky is an inspirational yoga instructor, she cares deeply about her clients’ both emotional and emotional states, Becky listens deeply and carefully and then works closely with you to believe in yourself and move in a positive direction. Becky is wonderful!

S. P.

What’s included?

  • 8 weekly group meetings to guide you through the process of reconnecting to yourself (We’ll meet on Sundays at 4pm)
  • Meditations
  • Journal Prompts
  • A private Facebook group to record your thoughts, share your ideas & get support from others
  • A day long Silent Retreat (held on a Saturday)
  • Weekly inspirational emails

Invest in yourself!

8 Weeks to Less Anxiety


This group starts March 21!

This program is for you if…

  • You’re ready to make some changes in your life
  • You’re tired of the anxiety ruling your day to day activities
  • You’re ready to take control of your life & create habits that support you
  • You like to take action but a little guidance is helpful.
  • You’re willing to explore & try new things.


I so enjoyed this course and the process!  I’m excited for what’s ahead of me!

A. B.

  Frequently Asked Questions


What if I can’t make it to the group call?

Calls will be recorded & sent out to you after each class.

When will the group calls be?

We will meet on Sundays from 4 – 6 pm ET. The exception is the Silent Retreat.  That will be held on Saturday April 17th (9 am – 3 pm).

Can I get a refund?

If you aren’t satisfied, then just let me know in the first week of the course.  No questions asked.  No refunds after the first week of the course has ended.

When do we start?

We start this 8 week series on March 21st. 

What do I do if I have questions?

Email me at



 A Love note from Me to You…


Anxiety can take over your life, but you can make changes that will help to ease it.

I’ve seen it control what you do & what you don’t do.  After working with so many people with anxiety, I know how tough it can be to manage it.

I know that you have goals and dreams that your anxiety is stopping you from achieving.  It doesn’t have to be that way any longer.

This course is a way for you to learn new tools to manage your anxiety.  Begin to look at your life a bit differently by using the mindfulness tools that I’ll help you to develop.

You don’t have to go through this alone.  I’ll hold your hand as you uncover what works for you.  Each of you is different & by creating your very unique toolkit to deal with anxiety, you’ll find your path to less anxiety in your every day life.

I can’t wait to see you thrive!


Invest in yourself!

8 Weeks to Less Anxiety



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