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Brand New Online Workshop!

Mindfulness 101

Present moment awareness sounds great but with your phone notifications going off, your kids needing your help & your spouse looking for that lost thing, it can be pretty impossible.

You’re pulled in so many directions and you feel so scattered. You can’t focus on one thing and its stopping you from making forward progress in your life.
Nothing is getting done well!
I’ve been there too & it doesn’t feel very good!
What helps?
Mindfulness will help you focus, reduce stress, gain clarity & gain insight.
I know that it’s not always easy, especially in this high-tech world, but it does make my life better when I bring more mindfulness into my life. By bringing my present moment awareness to the task in front of me, I get the important things done and create extra space for everything else.
You can have that too!
I’m offering this FREE WORKSHOP on mindfulness.
In this workshop, you’ll get the chance to bring your focus to the present moment in a body based approach. You’ll notice the difference that this can make to your thoughts & your body & you’ll feel calmer & more connected to yourself too.
Relieve stress, reduce blood pressure, improve sleep, reduce chronic pain & more. with a practice of mindfulness.
Take this time for yourself & be mindful of what’s happening in the present moment.

Benefits of mindfulness include:

Less stress

Reduced blood pressurei

Better sleep

Reduced chronic pain

Less anxiety

Take this time for yourself & reconnect within again!

Date:  June 7th

Time:  6:30 pm ET

We’ll be meeting online.  You have to register in advance to get the Zoom link.

Share this with your friends.  We could all use a little more mindfulness in our lives!

*The workshop will be recorded & sent out to all those who register.  Sign up even if you can’t make it live in order to get the replay of the workshop.

Registration is coming SOON!

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