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” Once you start approaching your body with curiosity rather than fear, everything shifts”

Dr. Bessel van der Kolk

I support mothers in their mid-life transition as they reinvent themselves with a renewed sense of purpose and confidently start The Next Chapter of their lives.

 I believe that past experiences often get buried deep in the body when you don’t deal with them.  I’m on a mission to help women reconnect with those past experiences so that you can heal from them and move forward with less pain and less struggle in your lives. 

Your body is talking & if you’re ready to listen, then let’s start your healing journey today!

Life Mentoring

Are you ready for Meaningful Change to happen in your life?  Do you need support to begin that change?  Life Mentoring will dig deep into the change that you desire.  I’ll be there to support you as you make decisions to start that change.  Feel empowered.  Find the keys to feel better, have less stress and less anxiety.  Begin to focus on what is important to you and notice how the rest of your life improves as well.

With continued sessions, you’ll be able to deepen your mind/body connection.  You’ll begin to notice patterns in your life and you’ll go deeper into your own wisdom.

You’ll begin to notice your own reactions as you go through your day and you’ll feel empowered to make changes as you need them.

Release past pain and gain knowledge of how to support yourself in the present moment.

Finally achieve the change that you are seeking in your life!

*These sessions can be done in person or online(remotely).

Personal Investment – $290 for 4 sessions or $560 for 8 sessions

**Starting October 1st, 2019 – $450 for 5 sessions or $800 for 10 sessions**

Couples therapy


Are you ready to enhance your relationship with your partner?  Are you an empty nester who would like to deepen your relationship with your partner?  Are you ready to find more connection in your relationship?  If you answered yes to any of these, then Couples Therapy is for you!

Benefits of Couples include…

*Increased fondness & admiration for each other

*A turning towards one another rather than away

*Solve your solvable problems

*Overcome gridlock 

Each session is 60 minutes and we’ll work together to make your relationship even better!

Personal Investment – $270 for 3 sessions

**Effective October 1, 2019 the price is $125 for 1 session 

or $600 for 5 sessions & $1150 for 10 sessions**

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 What Happy clients say

about their yoga therapy journey…7

…Almost all of my solutions have come from “within,” but I know that they would not be as clearly defined without Becky’s gentle, supportive guidance.  I strongly recommend Becky for yoga therapy.

P. S. |Simpsonville, SC

I first started going to Peach Blossom after the birth of my son.  My pregnancy and his first months of life were challenging.  I spent time on hospital bedrest and he spent six weeks in the NICU.  Yoga therapy with Becky helped me greatly during the transition into motherhood.  I have had several sessions and each has been unique and deeply beneficial so much so that I’ve continued to see Becky over the course of the last year to address other past traumas.  I highly recommend scheduling an appointment with her, you will be so glad that you did!

D. B. F. | Greenville, SC

Are you an Empty Nester? Are you ready for some radical change in your life?

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